Cuma, Nisan 19 2019

What is kinetic art? The simplest definition is, “art that depends on motion for its effect.” But that is really inadequate. Scientifically speaking, everything depends on motion for its effect, since everything is moving all the time, from the largest object to the smallest particle in the universe. So maybe a better definition for kinetic art would …

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Eric Griffiths cared too much about his students’ potential to let them wallow in sloppy thoughts Jun 28th 2018| CAMBRIDGE If Not Critical. By Eric Griffiths. Edited by Freya Johnston. Oxford University Press; 272 pages; $35 and £25. DRESSED in a leather jacket and a shoelace-thin tie, or with Armani trousers flapping around his trainers, Eric Griffiths …

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A book documents how typewriters have been used to create astonishing works of graphic art for more than a century. One quality that seems to define humanity isn’t just its compulsion to create art, but to create art in the most impractical ways. For proof, look no further than Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, by …

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