About Ross Sutherland:

“I am a writer/performer, working across theatre, film and radio from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I make the experimental fiction podcast, Imaginary Advice. In 2018, the podcast won gold for Best Fiction at the British Podcast Awards. I’m currently touring a live version of the podcast (see dates below).

In October 2018 I’m debuting a brand new play at Battersea Art Centre, London. It’s a ghost story about the song Mambo Number Five. The Exorcism opens on October 30th. You can get tickets here.

In 2017,  I  wrote a five-part comic miniseries for Channel 4’s Random Acts, and a BBC Radio 4 documentary about British Wrestling. I also made a thirty-minute special for BBC2 called ‘Missing Episode’.  In it, I remix an old episode of EastEnders in order to tell the story of a car-crash I had on the same night. 

In 2015, I collaborated with Charlie Lyne on the documentary Stand By for Tape Back-Up. The film won the Grand Prize for Experimental Film at BAFICI and the Runner-Up Audience Award at Fantastic Fest, Austin.

A lot of my work draws on my background as a poet, although not all my work is poetry. If you’d like to read some of my poetry, I have four collections published by Penned in the Margins.”

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