About Ross Sutherland:

“I am a writer/performer, working across theatre, film and radio from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I make the experimental fiction podcast, Imaginary Advice. In 2018, the podcast won gold for Best Fiction at the British Podcast Awards. I’m currently touring a live version of the podcast (see dates below).

In October 2018 I’m debuting a brand new play at Battersea Art Centre, London. It’s a ghost story about the song Mambo Number Five. The Exorcism opens on October 30th. You can get tickets here.

In 2017,  I  wrote a five-part comic miniseries for Channel 4’s Random Acts, and a BBC Radio 4 documentary about British Wrestling. I also made a thirty-minute special for BBC2 called ‘Missing Episode’.  In it, I remix an old episode of EastEnders in order to tell the story of a car-crash I had on the same night. 

In 2015, I collaborated with Charlie Lyne on the documentary Stand By for Tape Back-Up. The film won the Grand Prize for Experimental Film at BAFICI and the Runner-Up Audience Award at Fantastic Fest, Austin.

A lot of my work draws on my background as a poet, although not all my work is poetry. If you’d like to read some of my poetry, I have four collections published by Penned in the Margins.”

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Podcast #15: Önder Abay ile Arka Sokakların Öfkeli Gençleri Kayıt: 10/02/2019 Bu bölümümüzde Bavul dergisi genel yayın yönetmeni ve gazeteci Önder Abay’ı konuk ediyoruz. Arka mahallelerdeki öteki gençliğin hayatlarını anlamaya çalışıyor, onlarla neden daha fazla temas etmemiz gerektiğini konuşuyoruz. PODCAST LİNKİ İÇİN BURAYA TIKLAYINIZ VEYA AŞAĞIDAN DİNLEYİNİZ…

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