PEN Centres are promotıng the works of İlkyaz wrıters around the world. For the second ıssue we are collaboratıng wıth PEN Germany .

In the ‘Writings’ section of our website, we will be introducing three young writers monthly. Each month we will partner with one of over a 100 PEN Centre’s located in different countries around the world to have the pieces on our platform translated into their local language and shared. This, we hope, will create new audiences for our writers in the world arena and introduce them to a global network of the world’s literary figures.

We express our sincere gratitude to the members of PEN Germany and honourable translators Sabine Adatepe, İnci Güler and Şebnem Bahadır for their collaboration in making the voices of our young writers heard in their country.

To access the website where İlkyaz is kindly promoted and January’s works are displayed thanks to PEN Germany click here.

For the respective pages of our authors published by İlkyaz & PEN Germany:

Deniz Poyraz – Teselli / Consolation / Trost

PEN Germany: Deniz Poyraz – Trost

Eşref Yener – Geyikler Vurulduktan Sonra Gördüklerimdir / What I Saw After the Stags Got Shot/Was Ich Sah Als Die Hirsche Erschossen Waren

PEN Germany: Eşref Yener -Was Ich Sah Als die Hirsche Erschossen Waren

Farabi Orhan – Kusursuz Gömleklerin Terzileri / Tailors of Impeccable Shirts /Die Schneider der Makellosen Hemden

PEN Germany: Farabi Orhan -Die Schneider der makellosen Hemden


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