PEN Centres are promotıng the works of İlkyaz wrıters around the world. For the fifth ıssue we are collaboratıng wıth PEN South Africa Centre.

In the ‘Writings’ section of our website, we will be introducing three young writers monthly. Aside from English, each month we will partner with one of over a 100 PEN Centre’s located in different countries around the world to have the pieces on our platform translated into their local language and shared. This, we hope, will create new audiences for our writers in the world arena and introduce them to a global network of the world’s literary figures.

In December, we initiated this endeavour with Norwegian PEN’s lead. After PEN Germany, PEN Belgium/Flanders continued the very same role for the month of February. In March, we partnered ith PEN French Centre. For April, PEN South Africa is taking over the role of promoting our young writers abroad. We heartedly thank PEN South Africa members, administrators.

To access the PEN South Africa’s website where İlkyaz is kindly promoted and April’s works are displayed, click here.

Below you can find the respective pages of this month’s main writers, published in two languages by İlkyaz & PEN South Africa Centre:

Sizin Tırnaklarınıza Karşı Bizim… / Your Fingernails Against Our…

Vardı Ya / Once Upon A Shift

Bizim rahmetli, karıcığımın rahminden kayıverip düştü / Our dead and gone, slipped and fell right off my dear wife’s womb.

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