For August we reached out to Mine Söğüt, a well known and respected author. She prepared a reading list for young writers, here we go!

  1. Leyla Erbil / Gecede






2. Emma Goldman / Living My life

“To gain good lessons from Emma Goldman’s life and experiences; The world famous feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman said, ‘If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution! … A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.'”

“Anarchist, journalist, drama critic, advocate of birth control and free love, Emma Goldman was the most famous—and notorious—woman in the early twentieth century. This abridged version of her two-volume autobiography takes her from her birthplace in czarist Russia to the socialist enclaves of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Against a dramatic backdrop of political argument, show trials, imprisonment, and tempestuous romances,Goldman chronicles the epoch that she helped shape: the reform movements of the Progressive Era, the early years of and later disillusionment with Lenin’s Bolshevik experiment, and more. Sounding a call still heard today, Living My Life is a riveting account of political ferment and ideological turbulence. First time in Penguin Classics, condensed to half the length of Goldman’s original work, this edition is accessible to those interested in the activist and her extraordinary era”


3. Dostoyevski /Memoirs from the House of the Dead

“In this almost documentary account of his own experiences of penal servitude in Serbia, Dostoevsky describes the physical and mental suffering of the convicts, the squalor and the degradation, in relentless detail. The inticate procedure whereby the men strip for the bath without removing their ten-pound leg-fetters is an extraordinary tour de force, compared by Turgenev to passages from Dante’s Inferno. Terror and resignation – the rampages of a pyschopath, the brief serence interlude of Christmas Day – are evoked by Dostoevsky, writing several years after his release, with a strikingly uncharacteristic detachment. For this reason, House of the Dead is certainly the least Dostoevskian of his works, yet, paradoxically, it ranks among his great masterpieces.”




4. Nazım Hikmet / Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları







5. Latife Tekin / Sevgili Arsız Ölüm

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July’s works are now live and can be found below and throughout the postings on the English homepage! As İlkyaz, we work to introduce three young writers every month. We translate these works, which are be made up of a short stories or poems, into English and endeavour to introduce them to readers outside of Turkey. …


Mesele sadece kötü öykü anlatımı değil; öykü anlatımı tarzının sosyolojik olmaktan, psikolojik olmaya dönüşmesi.. Zeynep Tüfekçi  Uyarı: Metin içinde Game of Thrones (Taht Oyunları) dizisinin son sezonuna yönelik birtakım bilgiler (“spoiler”) bulunmaktadır.   Game of Thrones dizisinin sekizinci ve final sezonu, bugünlerde televizyonun erişebildiği doruk noktaya erişmiş durumda. Sezon açılışını 17 milyondan fazla insan izledi. Ancak hayranların …

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