Lıterature: Sadık’ın En Bilinen Hikayesi / Sadık’s Most Renown Tale/ L’hıstoıre la Plus Connue de Fıdèle

This is the story of semi-deaf Sadık who speaks only of the
gods in his poems and who learned his house was confiscated yet he could not be

“I wouldn’t know what’s to be

What I know most certainly to be

I know most that will be”

The tiny, arid red spots on Sadık’s body
His body barely the size of his capacity
Now his chest won’t fill no more than his breath
He heard about the human from a teacher
No work place runs on wedding day.

He stares into faces, the weary, dreamy eyes.
He searches to borrow finding combs overdue.
Geography is destiny to Sadık;
Three sides always wrapped in always,
It’s fires fueled from season to season.

Laughs yet doesn’t not laugh.
Shames himself looking at ladies legs,
Confiscates every women he knows of their clothes
He’s even in debt to sleeping
His dreams torn with thousands of repentances.

Sadık knows, knows them all well…
He’s got paperwork, stars he washes down and rips up;
He’s got his running, his own pockets of water fountains.
He’s rich, despite being happy, richer than us all

However this state of his cannot be seized.


“Hey Sadık, sinner Sadık!”

Your sins awaken the gods from their sleep.
Seven grand scandals in your poems.
What is it that remains after what we take,
From restless illusions?

Sadık is speechless yet he knows.

Sadık is loyal to a habit, it runs from all his
grandparents; He’s not puzzled at anything
Buildings decay razed against him.
Sadık is cornered.
Sadık is destined for rusty hancuffs.
He figures his answers fall short,
He loudly approaches the wall

“I wouldn’t know what’s to be
What I know most certainly to be
I know that’s most will be”

Sadık is redeemed from sins.

-The loud noise rises, this time from the fuddled voices of
the gods-

Seizure is complete.
The precedents of fear
Have been convicted to the prisoner.

Translated with the author’s approval by Ege Dündar

Literature +: Designer Hande Özdemir (Pen on fabric: T-Shirt)

I was born in 25 January 1995. We travelled a lot due to the fact that my family are bureaucrats. I studied primary school in Erzurum, Middle school and high school in Isparta, graduating from September 9th University Environmental Engineering department. Although I was mainly busy with many branches of sports from a young age, I started sparing more time to drawing in university years. Even in young years I was kid that loved drawing and when I started university I strengthened my inclination in this field, making t-shirt designs and painting. From that moment day forth I continued to make designs as a continuation of my student life. My aim is to have a workshop where I can draw continuously and create brand new worlds from drawings.

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