Binnaz Yıldız + Ksenıa Gorshkova (In collaboratıon wıth Dıscours Magazıne and PEN Moscow)


A hand-full of dreams

Caught in a trap

On the blind alley of irrelevance.

Uncle Yorgi by the end of the road,

Attaching things on taverns.

Curves under busses and a woman a man…

Planting chewed up,

Dried mulberry seeds to gardens.

Finally a woman and the same man…

At the blind alley of irrelevance

With a blazon whistle,

Dressing their cracked saddlebags

With crestfallen and kiss-less associations.

Water drips from Uncle Yorgi’s sphere

The same woman is saving up songs

That turn to herself again

No fate,

Can be compared to another.

A fishy smell in indecisive breaths…

The sea reaches out from it’s cisterns suffusing

The dead end of irrelevance

“Is it a sin to love?” asks a hand reaching from a balcony.

“What of making love?” asks a towering shadow.

The blues emptied out from brownish boxes,

Rolled as dice in coffee shops.

I think I am loosing my mind, my mind is on the run.

Let’s hold it down at the blind alley of irrelevance.

Or it will rub off on Uncle Yorgi’s eminence

Right then…

All of a sudden the infinity caravan lands on the curtains of my eyelids

I age, in speed.

My beard becomes soft as silk

Colognes know stout sailors well.

Now everywhere is tobacco yellow…

I am raging, my partner the earth’s heap of ants…

Years have passed, Uncle Yorgi is a young garçon

At the blind alley of irrelevance

With his peacock shaped lollypop…

Kids with multi-coloured umbrellas…

The rain pours infant of the tavern.

The blind alley of irrelevance creeps up into the brownish box.

I know this woman this man this time.

One is me, the other is my eternal soul.

We align side by side me, my soul and my reason.

Oh and Uncle Yorgi

Am I going crazy, I wonder where my mind is?

The sea splashes on my temple, some haddock some melon…

Lobsters on the wall, a green apple, fertile…

I pay you hush money tonight

On the blind alley of irrelevance

Translated with the author’s approval by Ege Dündar


Lıterature +: Desıgner/Illustrator Ksenıa Gorshkova (Illustratıon, for Dicours Online Magazine published in Russia, in collaboration with PEN Moscow)

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