For September we reached out to Buket Uzuner, a well known writer. She prepared a reading list for young writers, here we go!

1. Cervantes / Don Quixote

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“Don Quixote which starts with “To loafer readers”, isn’t only the first novel in history ehich invites it’s reader to join in the journey, but it is also a great ironic reminder of how the dangerous mass psychology can make people applause an insane man towards being a king or a hero. Don Quixote isn’t only about a fantasist man fighting windmills, he also tells the humorous story of how we fall in love with our ideas of a person rather then who they really are.”

 2. Antoine de Saint-Exupery / The Little Prince

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“The Little Prince is a guidance book for people who quit playing games and long forgotten the child within them. To re-read it anytime is a cure for every problem.”

3. Virginia Woolf /A Room Of One’s Own

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“This tiny short book, gives the answer to why there is no women version of Shakespeare. The book is a lifleong enlightenment, it never gets old or loses it’s power. Men should especially read it.”

4. Hermann Hesse / Steppenwolf

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“After reading the version of “the other self”, the untamed, the rebel to all social norms and the wild self, you will definitely make Hermann Hesse’s novel a bedside book.”

5. Melisa Kesmez / Nohut Oda

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-No translation available

Image result for calvino baron in the trees6. Italo Calvino / The Baron in The Trees








“The miniature story of a civil resistance dropped down to family size. The surrealistic journey of strong principals and unending stubbornness. The book is also very ironic and ecofriendly in terms of the “TREE” concept which it stresses upon.”

Image result for gözyaşı konağı7. Şebnem İşigüzel / Gözyaşı Konağı








-No translation available

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