For March, we reached out to Turkish writer Aslı Tohumcu. She prepared a reading list for young writer. Have a good read! 

1. Sevgi Soysal/ Noontime in Yenişehir

“Because it reflects on many sides of a social fraction with all the pain and nakedness, because it dares to tell from within, because of how it portrays separate, realistic and different lives of the characters as a common figure when we look at the big picture, because of it’s superior usage of fiction and wording. and because it never gets old.”

 2. Suat Derviş/ İstanbul’un Bir Gecesi 


3. Cahide Birgül / Gölgeler Çekildiğinde

4. George Saunders / In Persuasion Nation

“Because it portrays the denominational, technological and moral aspects of the dark and fearful future  awaiting humans. Because it make the reader come to their senses and give the urge to disturb the systems ways.”

5. J. G. Ballard / Myths of the Near Future

“J. G. Ballard’s undescribable stories which holds a whole new meaning in these qarantine days…”


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