Julio Cortazar, an Argentinian writer mainly known for his novels and short stories, was also a terrific poet. Enjoy this film of his poem “Para Leer en la Forma Interrogativa”. Full text of the poem below as well as a translation.

Recited by Carlos R Baron Directed by Mike Gioia

Cinematography by Nate Brice Coloring by Jackie Ng


“To Be Read in an Interrogative Manner” Julio Cortazar (translated by Carlos R Baron)

Have you seen have you truly seen the snow, the stars, the plush steps of the breeze…

Have you touched, have you truly touched the dish, the bread, the face of the woman you love so much… Have you lived like a blow on the forehead, the instant, the panting, the fall, the escape…

Have you known with each pore of the skin, known that your eyes, your hands, your sex, your soft heart, had to be thrown away, had to be mourned  had to be invented once again.




“Para Leer en la Forma Interrogativa” by Julio Cortazar

Has visto,

verdaderamente has visto la nieve, los astros, los pasos afelpados de la brisa…

Has tocado,  de verdad has tocado el plato, el pan, las cara de esa mujer que tanto amás…

Has vivido como un golpe en la frente el instante, el jadeo, la caída, la fuga…

Has sabido con cada poro de la piel, sabido que tus ojos, tus manos, tu sexo, tu blando corazón, había que tirarlos había que llorarlos había que inventarlos otra vez.


Source: BlankVerse Films

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