We reached out to Zülfü Livaneli, an internationally known writer and musician. He prepared a reading list for young writers. Enjoy! 

“Literature is based on a master-apprentice relationship and to write well, reading the masterpieces are a must. No one creates sometgin from zero. The doors which open to the future pass from tradition. A young writer should know the masterpieces of his/her own language and also of the woruld’s. But the young writer should reach for “new” without copying them and even resist them. When we look at it from this perspective, world literature is very fruitful and it’s difficult to choose five pieces. Still, here is five of them.”

1. Homer / Ulysses

 2. Tales From the Thousand and One Nıghts 

3. İnce Memed / Yaşar Kemal


4. Love in the Tıme of Cholera / Gabrıel Garcıa Marquez


5. Mıguel de Cervantes Saavedra / Don Quıjote de la Mancha



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