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Masih Alinejad talks about freedom means to her. Where she found the courage to fight for her rights. She touches topics like how Iran oppresses her and so many other woman. How the government blames the women for being raped because they weren’t covered up enough

Masih Alinejad is a journalist, writer and activist that focuses on criticism of Iranian human rights, especially in women’s rights. She lives in exile in New York City, and has won several awards, including a human rights award from UN Watch‘s 2015 Geneva Summit for Human Rights, the Omid Journalism Award from the Mehdi Semsar Foundation, and a “Highly Commended” AIB Media Excellence Award.

In 2014, Alinejad launched My Stealthy Freedom Campaign (also known as Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women), through a Facebook page that invites Iranian women to post pictures of themselves without a hijab. The page quickly attracted international attention and resulted in successive acts of disobedience by several women across Iran, despite the draconian laws that enable torture against any woman who removes her headscarf.

In 2019, Alinejad sued the Iranian government in a U.S. federal court for harassment against her and her family. She released a book in 2018 called The Wind in My Hair that deals with her experiences growing up in Iran, where she claims girls “are raised to keep their heads low, to be unobtrusive as possible, and to be meek”. In 2021, U.S. prosecutors charged that she was the target of a kidnapping plot by the Iranian government

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