“In this period we live in, unfortunately, I feel like I wake up in a narrow elevator every morning. As if we are open to experience every danger at any moment… But if you asked me if I was hopeful, I’d say “I am hopeful”. Because we’re no longer dependent on a generation we don’t know, we are not just passengers, we are at the helm. Together with many individuals who think like me, we will build our own future, how can we not be hopeful!” 

“I just took the university entrance exam, it is almost certain that my next four years will be spent in Istanbul. I am very excited to be about to start a new life. After all the years I studied at school, it is an unbelievably good feeling to be rewarded for my efforts, although not fully. To me, moving alone to another city is something that takes courage and that individuals of our age should at least try.” 

“I think that the concept of youth has lost all its value and meaning in this country. In fact, unfortunately, I don’t think there is a status as young anymore. There were always economic problems in the periods before us, but these problems didn’t affect the youth of that period as much as they did us. For this reason, I don’t think that today’s youth are completely young. They can’t feel young; youth is something that should be more “in thought”, we should not look for youth in biological age. I think in the future we will break this rusty chain that has become a part of our body. At least I hope so. No one but us can build the future that awaits us, and I think that we should work to transfer the future we want to live to the next generations in a healthy way. I am very happy to have taken over this task. I think this is a responsibility that should be placed on our generation. We have already accepted that the society we live in is still behind the times in some issues, but I think that we don’t deserve the reactions we get when we try to bring them up to date and show them the time they live in. Building a completely up-to-date society is probably the biggest dream our generation wishes to come true.” 

“Our generation is turning to the things that can be consumed quickly rather than the comprehensive literature, literary works we know. There is a risk that our generation is like a sticky tape, it can stick to something else and take it on at any time. That’s why I think it’s a question of consuming fast and switching to a new one, not only in literature, but also in many subjects.” 

“Unfortunately, I don’t think that Generation Z still plays an important role in our society. If we ask whether this will always be the case, our common answer will be “no”. Technology has always existed according to the period, but frankly, I think that there is no generation that can control the technology of the period they lived in more than our generation. İn addition, I see the fact that we use the media more healthily and more powerfully compared to previous generations as an important indicator of change.” 


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Yeni sayımız için değerli yazar Ece Temelkuran’a ulaştık. Kendisi de bizleri kırmayarak genç edebiyatçılar için sebepleriyle beraber bir okuma listesi hazırladı…   1. Clarice Lispector- Herhangi bir kitabı! “Saf edebiyat sevenlere.”   2. Sarah Winman- Still Life “Sıkı sıkı sarılma hissi yaratan bir kitap.” -çevirisi mevcut değil- 3. Paul Beatty- Sell Out “Uzun ve vahşi …


Adam Gottlieb is a poet-emcee/teaching-artist/singer-songwriter/revolutionary from Chicago. As a teen, he was featured in the 2009 documentary film “Louder Than A Bomb,” about the world’s largest youth poetry slam festival by the same name. Since then, he has gone on to perform and teach widely throughout Chicago, the U.S., and even the world, working as …

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