In our three year publishing life, as İlkyaz we’ve been able to bring to light and unite over 300 young writers, under the age of 35 and some even under 15 years of age! We created joint ventures with them, provided honorariums, amplifying their insights to nearly 7thousand readers on average a month, translating our main pieces to English so the world has a window into young literature of Turkey. This all thanks to the contributions and support of Norwegian PEN and PEN International.

Next up we have a new podcast in the works and a series of individual meetings with the young writers in our groups to consult them about the future of this young writers union and decide on a best course together.

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This month’s reading recommendations for young writers comes from internationally acclaimed writer and activist Margaret Atwood!



Ahmet Terzi – Halı / The Carpet

I decided to become a carpet at the age of 6. Our little home in Bakırköy was decorated with a range of carpets my mother brought as dowry from Tabriz. My mother loved her carpets more than anyone and some days would talk to them, remembering the old times. Each of them are completely different. 

About the author: I was born in İstanbul in 1999, currently studying history at Boğaziçi University.
Instagram : ahmet.terzi_


Barış Sağlam – Zanlı Kırkikindi Şiirleri III /The Accused Forty-Second Rains* Poems III

I arrived eluding elite love affairs
I punctured through grief hard as nails
Jinda, there is a gutter’s distance left
until I overflow at your door

About the author: I was born in Şırnak/İdil 02.02.2002. Currently living in İstanbul. My interest in poetry began in middle-school. I’m a high school graduate.

Taha İhsan – Diluşka

Diluşka got caught by mirrors

She was left with her hair wearing out autumn’s colors

Diluşka had a way of living, the world like a great flaw

She searched Matryoshkas for a tangible answer

Diluşka found meaning in herself through Matyroshkas

What else could she do but evade mirrors

About the author: Born on June 1st 1994 in Beyoğlu. Education at the Aviation Army Academy was cut short due to political reasons, he continues his life in Germany. His poems were published in various literary magazines such as . His poem “Wooden Suitcase” was included with a German translation at the anthology titled “Alte Hoffnungen Neue Träume” published by Dünya Verlag




Bunları da Sevebilirsiniz

It’s not just bad storytellıng—ıt’s because the storytellıng style changed from socıologıcal to psychologıcal By Zeynep Tufekci on May 17, 2019 Game of Thrones, in its eighth and final season, is as big as television gets these days. More than 17 million people watched the season’s opening. Judging by the fan and critic reaction though, it seems that a substantial portion …


Parlama batıdan doğacaksan Tersine güneş Nemesis bizi yiyecek Kaçın dünyalılar dünyadan Parlamaz doğunun açık avucu yoksa Doğrudan aç karanlık Bize mi kaldı renkler, istemeyiz Dilerseniz çağıralım siyahı Bu kadar aymaz olmamalı Sonsuz minnet kırmızı cüceye Varlığın renkli halinden memnun olmasak da Bilmek gerek Yokluğun ne karanlığı var Ne de rengi Yokluk Renksiz, tatsız, kokusuz, dokusuz …


Klasik eser okurlarının (kitabını seçmişler için söylüyorum) ilk tercihi, sanırım yayınevi oluyor. Çevirmen tercihi bundan daha sonra, daha bilinçli bir okur kitlesi tarafından yapılıyor. Bilmediği bir dildeki eseri okuyacak kişi için hayati önem taşıyan iki unsur bunlar. Peki ama çevirmenleri yeterince tanıyor muyuz, ya da yayınevlerine duyduğumuz güven hak edilmiş bir güven mi? Gazete ve …

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