Matrix filmlerinin yazılarından esinlendiği ünlü Fransız filozof Boudrillard’ın Kusursuz Cinayet eserinden unutulmaz bir alıntı


Hazır buradayken Twitter’da Etre Poit Soit’nın bir başka Jean Baudrillard alıntısı Kötülüğün Şeffaflığı’na da yer veriyoruz, iştahınızı perçinlemesi ümidiyle:

Bunları da Sevebilirsiniz

Written by Lamont Carey and performed at HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. About Lamont Carey: A man that survived the gangs, prison and found that the only way to live and succeed is to know and tell the truth about oneself and the streets. He has written five other books, The Hill, The Wall, Dead Before …


CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE PODCAST The Red Shoes JULY 20, 2017 Download Hans Christian Andersen’s classic and violent tale is looked at through the lens of the man who wrote it, and the 1948 film which changed the way we see it today. From Denmark to dance via the Devil we explore the iconic …


Source: Liidea Akryshora, IWM Presidential elections have long been merely pro forma in post-Soviet Belarus, where Alexander Lukashenko has been ruling as a dictator for more than a quarter-century. In May 2020 he imprisoned Sergei Tikhanovskii – an oppositionist YouTube blogger – immediately following Tikhanovskii’s announcement that he intended to run against Lukashenko in the …

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