In our over three years of publishing life, İlkyaz, meaning Early Spring, was able to bring to light over 300 young writers under the age of 35, some even under 15 years of age. We created collaborative ventures between writers in 14 countries, provided honorariums, amplifying their insights to around 5 thousand readers a month on average, translating the main features to English. This all thanks to the contributions of our team five person team supported by Norwegian PEN and PEN International.

We are now happy to report that our team has expanded with 10 new representatives of young İlkyaz writers, advising on our journey and path ahead .

What is representation?

Since its establishment, we wanted İlkyaz to be a platform for young writers to connect with each other. Now we are expanding our team to do that better. A team of 10 young writers who have sincerely supported İlkyaz since we met came forward.

Of course, these names were not the only ones that supported us wholeheartedly. We feel grateful that many more have found and raised our profile. We hope the team will be a pioneering group and will aim to improve and expand over time as we can.

The group will be able to participate in some of our meetings, observe our processes and express their review, suggest new writers and ideas as well as be a partner or support to our initiatives when they like.

We offer our heartful thanks to friends named below who agreed to give their shoulders.

Sinan Cumart, Meliz Elendil, Adem Öner, Mehmet Sarı Sezgin, İmgesu Ünal, Farabi Orhan, Eşref Yener,  Suhan Laletayyin, Binnaz Deniz Yıldız, Uğur Akkaş

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This month’s reading recommendations for young writers comes from renown writer Zafer Köse!



Yankı Yıldırım – Gece Cinleri / Nightly Genies

Sacide entered the hall with a tray of tea in her hand. Oya immediately acted and took the tray from her. With this sudden movement, a few teas were poured. Sacide sat in the seat vacated by Oya. She involuntarily put her hand in her pocket, and when she came across a knotted napkin, she pulled it as fast as if it had touched fire. 

Years ago, when her father suddenly departed from a heart attack, the first sentence of Sacide’s mother was, “Death is God’s command.”

About the author: 

I was born in 1992 in Kars. I graduated from Izmir Yaşar University Faculty of Law in 2014. I have been working as a freelance lawyer in Izmir since 2019.

Instagram :yankiyildirimm


Azer Güden – Taş / Stone 

“Serhat, get up, son. Serhat, dear, get up, don’t get your father angry. The sheep are waiting outside.”

His mother was trying to wake her son up for the sheep. Serhat, on the other hand, was only thinking ways to pull the duvet over him completely and sleep. Even though it was summer, nights were cold in Van. The mother took a long look at her child’s face. She stroked her short black hair with his hands. Once again she tried to wake him.

“Serhat, get up son.”

About the author:: 01.07.1997

Anıl Bayram – Bir Linçin Anatomisi / The Anatomy of a Lynching

melatonin: In these days when anti-immigration was at its peak, a young man named Bishr Riyadh, after leaving the construction site where he was working to fill the snow, came to Moda beach to cool off a little, near dark, and threw his tired body on the grass behind the rocks. He slumbered for a while, turning his back to the walkway, ignoring the angry looks of the locals towards him.

About the author:

Any thirty-year-old person who works on experimental short stories in a small town in Anatolia during his spare time.

Mehmet Cebe- Kuşlar, Telaşlar / Birds and Bustles

I vomited three times, all three different colors. Why did I eat that meat! They just threw it in front of me; they never think. That’s what it would be. Humans are so abundant. That’s why I always advise those younger than me: Nobody can be trusted . Impossible. It shouldn’t be. The stream of water had said: “Don’t eat that girl, it’s as dirty as my heart.” I didn’t listen. I don’t  listen.

About the author:

I was born in Mersin in 1998. My stories were sometimes published and sometimes not. I am a healthcare professional. I live in Didim. Oh, and he wanted me to convey, if possible: the act of writing is only responsible for the bodies it has trapped.

Twitter:     @manikgelincik
Instagram: teiresias1

Tuana Karakuş –İsimsiz / Untitled 

Pigeons wake up when I look out my window

And I imagine the hole my body would make on the tent

I take a step forward and close my eyes

I am scared

About the author:

I was born in Mersin in 1998. My stories were sometimes published and sometimes not. I am a healthcare professional. I live in Didim. Oh, and he wanted me to convey, if possible: the act of writing is only responsible for the bodies it has trapped.



Bunları da Sevebilirsiniz

o vedalar ki bıçak mevsimidir mademoiselle écureuil bavula sığmayanların yürekte taşındığı yolculuklarda loş otobüslerin boğazladığı otogar akşamlarında bilet satılır yan koltuğu boş cesetlere kendilerine “yalnız ” yerine “yolcu” diyebilsinler diye o bilenmiş mevsimde senden sonra hiçbir çingene uğramıyor masamın ahşap tenhalığına öldürdüğü gülleri sevgine dikmek için konuşkan çingenelerden öğrendim rengahenk suskunlukları ve yürekten dile kıvrılırken …


For April, we reached renown writer Murathan Mungan. He prepared, in his words, a “7×7” reading list for young readers, consisting of books that are a must for every library…  “The books I chose for you are gathered with respect to modern literature. I chose seven books which are, in my opinion, a must for …

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