In our over three years of publishing life, İlkyaz, meaning Early Spring, was able to bring to light over 300 young writers under the age of 35, some even under 15 years of age. We created collaborative ventures between writers in 14 countries, provided honorariums, amplifying their insights to around 5 thousand readers a month on average, translating the main features to English. This all thanks to the contributions of our team five person team supported by Norwegian PEN and PEN International.

We are now happy to report that our team has expanded with 10 new representatives of young İlkyaz writers, advising on our journey and path ahead.

We offer our heartful thanks to friends named below who agreed to give their shoulders.

Özge Sargın, Nur Özyurt, Sinan Cumart, Meliz Elendil, Adem Öner, Mehmet Sarı Sezgin, İmgesu Ünal, Farabi Orhan, Eşref Yener,  Suhan Laletayyin, Binnaz Deniz Yıldız, Uğur Akkaş

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This month’s reading recommendations for young writers comes from respectable author Şükran Yiğit!





Osman Cenk – Yukarı, Aşağı Ve Çepeçevre / Up, Down and All Around

“Don’t exaggerate,” I told him. Meanwhile, I gave the coins to a paper collector. I walked a little further, saw a woman of the opposite sex on the opposite pavement, and a sudden wind blowing, bringing the scent of her perfume to the tip of my nose. Don’t worry. The first flower to bloom after all this necessity and the harsh winter is yours again. Anyway, come on! Don’t go and stop either. It is profitable to realize that you lack the courage to do what needs to be done; But the deficiency is also in another sense. We were forgetting ourselves very quickly. Was it our fault to see the sea in a glass of water?

About author:I am 23 years old. I live in Edirne. I have been doodling and writing and drawing on a freelance basis for about 2 years.

instagram: osmancenkb_




Yaren Nur Ersin – Lotus Çiçeği/ Lotus Flower

lotus flower,
one forward two backward; Their intuition calls the sun.
When he grows up, he searches for melodies.
However, the lost are not meant to be searched when grown up.

About the author: 

I live in Istanbul. I am a first-year university law student. I have been writing poems and articles since my childhood. I am interested in writing.


Yezdân Eser – Saat Üçü Kırkbeş Geçe / Forty Five Minutes Past Three O’clock

I turned my face to the night color of the sky.
Don’t leave my heart in a makeshift slum
carve chisel
On its crooked, twisted and broken path…
In my chest breathing vertical climates
My sadness suddenly became alive, struggling at right angles…

Yazar hakkında: X


Fahri Alpyürür- Kestane/ Chestnut

My father didn’t leave the house for a week. He always smoked in front of the window. He didn’t even know about Galatasaray’s match this week. He wasn’t turning off the television. When the news ended on one channel, he would immediately switch on the other. Even though I couldn’t watch my favorite cartoons in the morning anymore, I couldn’t say anything. While the situation was like this at home, it was best to go out. I thought maybe I’d play some ball. But there was no one around. I sat in the garden. I waited for a few more children to come out.


About the author:He was born in Mersin in 1996. He completed primary school in Mersin, secondary school and high school in Istanbul. He received his undergraduate degree from the Department of Philosophy at Istanbul University in 2018 and his master’s degree in 2020. He worked as a guest researcher at the University of Pisa for a while. He is currently continuing his doctoral studies at Istanbul University. Since 2013, he has appeared in many magazines with his poems, stories and poetry translations. His first poetry book, The Self-Filling Emptiness, met with readers in 2023.

Twitter/Instagram: @fahrialpyurur


Sıla Elifnur Kuş- Ağustosun Böceği / August’s Bug

Blue was drawn down to my ankles

located on rocks eroded by waving waters

acceptance of the river that now flows into the sea

gently carries me away

Someone who waited under my skin for seventeen years

Early spring in Pieria

About the author: 21 years old, lives in İzmir

Ecem Erdal- Dalga/ Wave

Step by step, I’m a witness, like the waves are moving
Same wave, same sea
Uncompetitive, unhurried, strange.

About the author:I was born on September 6, 1999. I spent my childhood in Izmit and Izmir. My interest in music and literature quickly attracted the attention of my family and teachers. Throughout my education life, I made a point of participating in poetry, story and essay competitions. I started my music education by playing the guitar at the age of eleven and continued with the piano. My career plan became clear while I was studying at Buca Fatma Saygın Anatolian High School and I decided to practice writing and musicianship at the same time. In 2017, I was accepted to Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Music Sciences department and graduated from the department in 2021. After graduation, I chose to stay in Ankara. I currently give piano lessons and continue to write and make music.


Nadir Can Sucu-  Yüzüğündeki Şarkının Adı Serap  / The Song On his Ring is Called A Mirage

He was the older brother of my neighborhood, but we met him the summer I was working in the industry. He was working as an upholsterer in the next shop. There were no people coming or going during the day, and there were not many customers either. Luckily, five cars a week were coming to the shop. That’s why he spent his time watching movies.

About the author:I am Nadir Can Sucu, I was born in Giresun in 2000. After completing high school education in Adıyaman, I graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in Aydın. My stories were published in various magazines. I worked as a columnist during my student years. I was interested in theater as an amateur for a while.



Bunları da Sevebilirsiniz

İlkyaz ile her ay öncelikli olarak üç genç yazarı tanıtıyoruz sizlere. Bir öykü veya birkaç şiirden oluşacak bu eserleri İlkyaz gönüllüleri olarak İngilizce’ye çeviriyor ve dünya kamuoyuyla tanıştırmak için çabalıyoruz. Temmuz ayından seçilen yazarları ve yazılarından alıntıları aşağıda bulabilirsiniz! Seçtiğimiz isimlerin yazılarını her ay dünyanın farklı bir yerinde konumlanan PEN merkezinden biri o ülkenin diline …


Genç adam uzun süredir seyre daldığı karanlık sulardan bir başka uçsuz bucaksız derya olan gökyüzüne çevirdi bakışlarını. Bulutlar arasından tek tük ışık noktacıkları halinde görünen yıldızları seyre daldı. Bu kadar yakın görünen yıldızlar nasıl olurdu da ulaşılamayacak kadar uzak olurdu? Halbuki çocukken o,  ulaşılamayan gökyüzünün tek sorumlusunu  yer çekimi sanmıştı hep. Saçlarını ve yüzünü yalayıp …

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