Perşembe, Nisan 15 2021

‘The arts play a crucial role in changing the world,’ stated human rights advocate director Farah Nabulsi, whose biggest cause is the Palestinians suffering under occupation. Palestinian-British director Farah Nabulsi’s short film ‘The Present’, which was unveiled on Monday among the nominees of the 93rd Academy Awards for the best live action short film category, …

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Rappers rewrite the revolutionary slogan In 2018 gente de zona, a Cuban reggaeton band based in Miami, performed in Havana for 350,000 people. The duo’s front man, Alexander Delgado, encouraged them to clap for Cuba’s newly inaugurated president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who was in the audience. Cuban-American musicians and politicians in Miami were furious. Now it …

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“When cynicism becomes the default language, playfulness and invention become impossible. Cynicism scours through a culture like bleach, wiping out millions of small, seedling ideas.”   Source: Brainpickings, Maria Popova “There is nothing quite so tragic as a young cynic, because it means the person has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing,” Maya Angelou wrote …

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