Cumartesi, Eylül 26 2020

A tough-minded reflection on the cost of being a witness to traumatic history – shared via Carol Rumens at The Guardian Before It Is All Gone It will be different – nobody will cry, nobody will be cold, nobody will stand at the door, it will be better, for sure. I have to repeat this to …

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what it sounds like is a bird breaking small bones against glass. the least of them, a sparrow, of course. you’re about to serve dinner and this is the scene. blame the bird, the impertinent windows, try not to think of the inconvenience of blood splattering violet in the dusk. how can you eat after …

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We reached out to Irmak Zileli, a renown author in Turkey. She prepared a reading list with reasons why for young writers. Enjoy!  1- The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell As a reader and a writer I wonder the roots of his descriptions and the historical and anthropological origins of his story telling. When building a …

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