Çarşamba, Nisan 1 2020

Memories of my father. Published on October, 7 2019 by The New Yorker Illustration by Emiliano Ponzi Of course I have a lot of memories of my father. It’s only natural, considering that we lived under the same roof of our not exactly spacious home from the time I was born until I left home …

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Source: Poetry Foundation   As far as I was aware, I was not a bird lover. There was an incident with a budgie at preschool, for which I was expelled, and I remember drunken attempts to shoot sparrows when I was a teenager. But a few years back I became interested in Edward Lear, and Lear …

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For December we reached out to Carles Torner, executive director at PEN International. He prepared a reading list for young writers, here we go! 1. Bejan Matur / Al Seu Desert “I am deeply moved by the poetry of Bejan Matur. I first read her poems in English translation, until an anthology was translated into …

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