Çarşamba, Şubat 21 2024


In this section, we will shed a light on dozens of lives we tend to pass by in a hurry in our daily lives and share their insights through photos and short interviews.

FATOS, 18 YEARS OLD, FRESHLY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL, GOING TO START UNIVERSITY SOON, LIVES IN BURSA  “In this period we live in, unfortunately, I feel like I wake up in a narrow elevator every morning. As if we are open to experience every danger at any moment… But if you asked me if I …

NEFİSE, 13 YEARS OLD, A FINAL YEAR STUDENT AT SECONDARY SCHOOL    “Well, I sometimes find life becoming difficult for me, like when I am preparing for an important examination. I feel as if the excitement of it is engulfing my entire body, like an overwhelming heat is coming upon me. I panic a lot …