Çarşamba, Ocak 22 2020


In our time where various forms of expression  are expanding their cooperation with one another, İlkyaz also needs to create an innovative space for young literature. It is possible to expand the reach of literature and other styles of expression by creating a common ground between them. Keeping this aim in mind, the idea behind “Literature +” is quite simple; inviting artists to produce works inspired by İlkyaz's writings and expanding their reach into each others expressive form.

Literature: BİNNAZ DENİZ YILDIZ: ÇIKMAZ SOKAK / BLİND ALLEY / БИННАЗ ДЕНИЗ ЙИЛДЫЗ A hand-full of dreams Caught in a trap On the blind alley of irrelevance. Uncle Yorgi by the end of the road, Attaching things on taverns. Curves under busses and a woman a man… Planting chewed up, Dried mulberry seeds to gardens. Finally …

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Literature: SADIK İKİNDİ OYUN /THE GAME / ИГРА An excerpt from Turkish poet Turgut Uyar’s poem, Kan ve Uyku (Blood and Sleep) A nine card, my kingdom for a nine card! My heart was pounding in my chest like a prisoner trying to bang on his cell door in a hurry to make himself heard to …

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Literature: Anıl Can Uğuz – İncire Ağıt / Lament To A Fig /Klagesang Til Fiken (Şiir) I won’t fit this coffin Leyla The sun below the earth is warm still but When the ways you don’t love me Like crows have aligned on cornfields To amass sands in my mouth Would be good news to …

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Lıterature: Sadık’ın En Bilinen Hikayesi / Sadık’s Most Renown Tale/ L’hıstoıre la Plus Connue de Fıdèle This is the story of semi-deaf Sadık who speaks only of the gods in his poems and who learned his house was confiscated yet he could not be seized “I wouldn’t know what’s to be What I know most …

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