Cumartesi, Ocak 29 2022


In this section, we will be sharing 5 books monthly suggested to young writers by leading authors in Turkey and around the world.

For January we reached out to renown German writer and international best-seller Nina George to ask for her reading suggestions to young writers and why she picked them.   5 books that made me a wrıter and a femınıst 1. Margaret Atwood / The Handmaıd’s Tale  “To understand how a socıety can faıl. And what sısterhood really …

For December, we reached out renown author Özgür Mumcu to ask for his reading suggestions to young writers and why he picked them… 1. Kemal Tahir / Kurt Kanunu -To grasp the cruelty of power games. Not Available in Other Languages       2. Elıas Canettı /Auto Da Fé Original Title: Die Blendung -To …